Intercourse Question Fr August 09, 2013 / Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller each Friday regarding the weblog, I answer people’s questions regarding intercourse, love, and relationships.

This week’s question arises from audience whom desired to understand how lots of women have observed sex that is anal their perceptions of the task.

Just just How a lot of women have actually had rectal intercourse? Is it feasible for a woman to appreciate it and also orgasm from this? Or do females just have rectal intercourse since they feel stress from their lovers?

Although anal intercourse is a task individuals most commonly keep company with gay males, you will find individuals of all genders and identities that are sexual practice and revel in it. Just how lots of women have tried sex that is anal? Information from nationwide representative U.S. Studies suggest that simply over one-third of adult ladies aged 25-44 report they have had anal intercourse with a guy one or more times before 1, and about one-fifth of females in this age bracket report having done this through the previous year 2.